Ladies and Gentelmen,

We are pleased to have an opportunity to familiarize you our presentation of Weavers Craft in Kowary on CD-ROM.

The symposium (Weavers Craft Simposium) was initiated in 1974 by an artist Ewa Maria Paradowska Werszler, the founder of  a Weaving Group called 10xTAK.

Our presentation shows the whole history of Weavers Craft in Kowary, year after year. It presents the places where particular symposiums and exhibitions  were held (art galleries, museums, hotels and cities). Apart from a rich collection of photographs (about 2000 scanned photos), film sequences from our “creative” meetings  (about 100 films), the presentation also contains lists of participants of particular meetings involving painting in the open air and those who participated in accompaning exhibitions. Moreover, you can find there catalogue and press texts (a full editorial and press biography of Weavers Craft in Kowary).

Apart from the above-mentioned documents regarding Weavers Craft in Kowary in the years 1974-2002, the CD-ROM also contains biografies of the participants of Weavers Craft in Kowary and their works (photographs of their works).

Unfortunately, we have not managed to collect all the data as regards the participants, therefore the above-mentioned material is presented selectively. However, we invite all the people who might be interested to send scanned photographs of their artistic works as well as up-to-date biographies (see: the organizer’s address).

Except for the artists who participated in the meetings, we also present other people who had some influence on the development, documents, events and activities connected with Weavers Craft in Kowary throughout the years (artists, directors of museums and factories, people connected with hotel industry, art critics and many others).  

Talking about Weavers Craft in Kowary, we mustn’t forget to mention the activity of the group called 10xTAK. On our CD-ROM you will also find a lot of information about the group.

We have also described the places which were visited by the participants of Weavers Craft in Kowary, beginning from the information on the Karkonosze region and the towns and cities of Lower Silesia. You can also explore the history of Prague (the Czech Republic), Dresden (Germany), Książ (Poland), Zittau (Germany) and the Rocky City ( the Rocks of Adrszpas – the Czech Republic) as well as a lot of other interesting places.  

Index contains the adresses of  the web sites regarding the art of weaving.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our work regarding Weavers Craft in Kowary. We will delighted if you could co-operate with us in order to complete lacking data and information.

  The Editorial Staff of the CD-ROM “Weavers Craft in Kowary”


         FIRST EDITION. 2003


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